Every Day is Record Store Day

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lee perry n mad prof4

You know the feeling?

Every vinyl junkie dreams of discovering their own little cave full of rare jams that no one’s ever heard before, like DJ Shadow’s vinyl wonderland in ‘Scratch’. Once your mind switches into digging mode there’s no return…all you’re focusing on is finding out what kind of crazy sounds are out there, anything to take home & sample?

The first record shop I got hooked on was a place called ‘Lost&Found’. It would only be open on weekends and there were posters and sleeves all over the walls. You’ll come across some cool cover art every time. I’d spent hours going through the albums and singles, sometimes bizarre spoken word records. One of my favourite vinyls I got from there was the soudtrack to the film ‘Babylon’. Classic stuff. The shop was run by two mid-aged hippies who were always smoking in there, listening to tunes and clowning around. A lot o’ the records were stacked in old shopping trolleys and there was a back room full of rare vinyl that only one customer at a time was allowed to go in…probably their way of making the crate-digging lemmings feel a bit special.

Enough of that. The Every Day is Record Store Day campaign that’s been started in the US is a step in the right direction. It’s trying to motivate people to shop at smaller independent outlets on 17th April every year.

Abstract Rude is one of the artists who supports it. “For me, my family’s record collection was my gateway drug to the record store,” he says.

“Also my older sister’s rap tape collection that made me want to own my own music – she was stingy with loaning me tapes! The local record stores became like my gateways for expanding my knowledge of hip hop culture in various neighborhoods and cities worldwide. I know we got the internet today, but honestly, it sucks even trying to buy music online sometimes.”

As far as Beat Bungalow is concerned, there’s no doubt: all day every day should be record store day. Best thing to do is get your fingers dusty and support your local vinyl dealer!


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