Beats by the seaside: Paul Pre talks about his mixes

December 14, 2009 at 14:38 2 comments

Paul Pre is a DJ from northern Germany who’s been doing gigs across Europe. He lives by the seaside and is starting his own club night in February 2010; Every month, he brings out a fresh mix for general listening pleasure…check ’em out for yourself, Beat Bungalow favourite right now is ‘mondayjazz‘.

Q: Where are you from? When and how did you become a music addict?

A: I’m from Kiel, Germany. A small town (250.000 citizens) by the seaside.

I became a music addict in 1999 when I was 13.  Back then I lived in an even smaller town (11.000 citizens) called Büdelsdorf in the heart of northern Germany. A friend of mine gave me a CD with German rap music. I was fascinated by the genre so I tried to get as of this kind of music as I could. I was recording everything from the radio, I was recording everything from TV and I was recording everything from my friend’s CDs and tapes.

Q: Your mixes are very eclectic and experimental with a lot of different sounds in there: how do you go about making a mix – do you work with some sort of theme, is there a method to the mix madness..?

A: Yeah, it’s kind of a main theme I’m trying to follow/create. I think about music all the time and I listen to music all the time also, so most of the time I start with a new mix, I already have some songs/ mixes in mind which could fit and most of the time they do…the style/theme of a mix allways depends on my mood.  It’s winter time so right now I feel like creating something deep/warm/relaxed…

Q: The cover pictures look pretty cool, too – who does the artwork?

A: Thanks a lot. I did most of the artwork by myself but some of them are by my good friend “bonsch”.

Q: Which records do you never get bored of, what are some of you all-time favourites?

A: This is hard to answer…I do have some all-time favourites but sometimes I also get bored by those. anyway, some records I’ve heard for a very long time now are:

De La Soul – Stakes is High
Common – Like Water for chocolate
DJ Premier – New York Reality Check 101
Quasimoto – The Unseen
Slum Village – Fantastic Vol. 2
Nas – Illmatic

Q: Have you got any musical heroes that are DJs, any old school heads from back in the day?

A: Hm. I really like Jazz Jeff but he’s no hero for me. Maybe J Rocc.  He’s not an old school head like Grandmaster Flash, but he’s one of my favourite DJs/heroes since Soundbombing Vol.2 (which might be old school for a lot of heads).

Q: What do you do outside from being a DJ, your

A: I work in an advertising agency as a day job. Being a DJ beside this job takes too much time to have hobbies. But I like playing basketball and watching movies…

Q: What’s good about Kiel, what’s it got that other places don’t have?

A: Kiel has a lot of water sports to offer, but I’m not into water sports at all…it’s a pretty boring place right now but it’ll change on
2010!) .

Q: Where can people see you play, have you got any regular gigs?

A: After playing irregular shows all over Germany and Europe I’m going to have my own club night in Kiel starting in February 2010. So come and see me supporting and playing with guests like fLako, Yoggyone, Débruit, Lucky Paul and many more…



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