hyped up & under pressure: Grime revisited

February 7, 2010 at 12:05 Leave a comment

Lately it’s been eclipsed by the hype over it’s younger brother dubstep, but this gritty style of music still has fire. Grime has the effect of waking you up like a happy-slap to the face.  Think of the pirate radio DIY ethics, the lyrical energy, story-telling with an ear to  the streets of London, Birmingham, Manchester… it was all relevant and still is. Dig around and you’ll find some raw unpolished tunes in the manner of Jammer, JME and Wiley.  One example is ‘Mr. T’ from Rinse FM DJ Silencer’s mixtape.  In the mean time, peek this:  photographer Peter Beste did some early portraits of the scene and the futureshorts documentary is still a goodun’.

Best be off,  it’s grime time…


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“I’ve got a bug called loopitus.” – tight_face on being ill Clutchy Hopkins, a musical mystery.

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