Purple & the Brain: more goods from Paul White

April 9, 2010 at 08:31 Leave a comment

Paul White was very busy in 2009 and only a few months into the new year, it’s looking like we can expect a few more releases from the South London producer. He’s been grinding hard. ‘Sounds from the Skylight’ was dope, so was his recent remix for Tranqill and all the other good stuff that’s been oozing out of his musical brain. His new release ‘…and the Purple Brain’ is a reworking of Swedish psychedelic rock, so put your explorer’s helmet on, take a walk inside your mind and see what you’ll find..

It’ll be released in June on Stones Throw spin-off label ‘Now and Again‘ (for the first single ‘Ancient Treasure’ click on the woods photo above).

“A collaboration of sorts, the entire record is based around and inspired by the work of little-known Swedish psych-rock guru S.T. Mikael. Heavy on Eastern influences and otherworldly concerns, Mikael’s music ranges from searing electric guitar-led dirges to dreamlike ballads to ghostly atmospheric experiments and has been issued in tiny quantities since the 1990s on the Subliminal Sounds label.

“Having been granted access to S.T. Mikael’s back catalogue, Paul White found a unique source of inspiration and challenged himself to create an album using the Swedish multi-instrumentalist’s work as the sole basis for his output. The result is Paul White & The Purple Brain.”

pause. rewind: here’s some of Paul’s earlier material:


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Fabulous Three «answer me softly» 1976 revisited >> classic

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