Supa time: a little deepness from MC Tek D

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Obba Supa have been making music together since the early 2000s. Quite often, the London duo are on a philosopical, transcendental tip and you’re in for a surprise if you haven’t heard them yet.

Obba Supa’s music is atmospheric, sometimes sinisiter, other times soulfully deep. Heyzeus and Teknikal Development always try and push that envelope: there’s a message in the music, listen closely…especially to those Billy Paul-inspired tunes.


Your home city, London town: which five words would you use to describe it?

Monotonous, Unbalanced, Tense, Corrupt, Secretive.

What part of London are you from? How do you know each other?

I am from North London Edmonton N9, we from the same area…we tudied at the same college & knew the same peoples.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to making music & writing lyrics?

You gotta listen to what the mind is saying. Express WHAT YOU WANT. There is no limits to what can or cannot be put on a piece of paper. Just write the words man, someone will resonate with what you sayin…somewhere.

Which records do you never get sick of hearing?

There’s a whole load of records to mention, most of all that 90s era: Wu’s 36 Chambers, Xzibit’s ‘At the speed of life’, Nas ‘Illmatic’, GhostFace Killah ‘IronMan’,

you know where the list is going…

You’ve been to Berlin, haven’t you? what did you get up to and what were your impressions of the city, music etc.?

Yes, we chilled out in Berlin, hit the radio, done a set…we took a little look around the city, it was all live. It seemed life was slower in Berlin and we had a lot of quiet times. It was kinda old school, graf still posted up on run down parts of the city…keep it going peoples.

Do you like Killah Priest’s ‘Heavy Mental’ by any chance? Any other ‘deep’ lyrics that you don’t get tired of?

Killah Priest is always droppin jewels… there’s so many dope lyricists who bring a touch of ‘deepness’ to their work, but to name a few: I never get tired of what peoples like Herrotics, Wu Tang Clan, Dead Prez, 2Pac, Vague, KRS One, Masta Killa, DNT, Last Emperor or Tesla gots to say…

What UK talent is worth checking right now, apart from yourself?


Anything else you’d like to say? shouts?

Would like to say PEACE TO ALL PEOPLES…shouts out to: RDL that’s the family, Project Mooncircle, HHV, Evil Ed, Hiphophypedog (HHHD), Suspect Packages, Sleaze, Gallant, Tom Brown, OB…….list goes on.

Shouts to ALL who are down with what OBBA SUPA be doing. PEACE


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