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Monk in your Trunk

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supreme Trek Life

Tour diary from Trek Life here..

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Flippin’ the script – Roc Marciano interview via Doxside

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Brand-New Shawn Jackson

check the interview with Shawn Jack, yep.

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fresh goods from Fresh Daily

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Mystro «around my way»

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Age of Aquarius: Mystro introspective

London MC Mystro has been around the block a few times. In fact, one of his first singles was the 1999 Deal Real release ‘Kiss that Arse Goodnight’ – a battle track that made a lot of UK rappers run home and cry themselves to sleep. That was just the beginning.

Since then, Digmund Freud aka Mys Diggi has worked with the good, the bad and the wicked of UK hip hop, always injecting a good dose of humor into the music, tellin You. At the same time he doesn’t shy away from talking about serious topics as on ‘Aquarius’, a track that fits this Natural Born Spitta tight like a boxing glove.

In the Beat Bungalow interview, he speaks about his Isaac Hayes cameo on Spine TV, the music biz and also clears up a few rumors about being Australian. G’day mate…


What’s up Mystro, can you introduce yourself?

Mystro aka MysDiggi or Digmund Freud from the Natural Born Spittaz, the one your favourite rappers doesn’t want you to know about haha!! 

Your lyrics always have a lot of funny images and phrases in them.

Are you a story teller first and foremost?

Actually in school I wasn’t the greatest story teller/writer but I learned more along the way I guess.

I’ve always been in to comedy so the humour was pretty natural for me although projecting it in rhyme form isn’t the easiest thing till you’ve cracked the code, so to speak.

Tell us about your ‘Around My Way’ track? What’s it like around your way?

‘Around My Way’ is a single from the ‘Digmund Freud EP’ which is dropping on September 13th, it’s basically how Digmund Freud would explain how hood his area is but in a less offensive way than the normal “My hood is so gutter” type track. The video idea was to take it to the streets and see how the general public would react to it.

Are there any other artists featured on there / natural born spitters? Do you still work with Harry Love?

Yeah the featured artists on ‘Digmund Freud EP’ are Stig Of The Dump, Skandal, Sharlene Hector, Baby Sol, Ramson Badbonez & Chazelle Bingham, with production from DJ Swerve, Jehst and DJ Flip. Jargon‘s not on there but we’ve got a whole bunch of stuff to come from NBS so hold tight for that, I haven’t worked with Harry Love for a while, but I’m sure the time will come no doubt, he has production on my album I’m hoping to drop next year.

‘Aquarius’ is about the frustrations of that right?

More like the reality of life, which I guess when you look at it can cause frustration sometimes.

That picture of you with the Isaac Hayes kinda look cracked me up. What are some of your favourite Hayes tracks or albums?

Haha! Actually that pic was from an episode of my on-line show with Spine TV , it’s a monthly show.

Of course ‘Shaft In Africa‘ is a favourite of mine, and I was well into ‘The Isaac Hayes Movement‘ as well.

“Fuck the Taxman”: You do your own promotion and have a pretty solid DIY attitude, from what I gather. How important is it do be your own manager? Was it hard to get into that whole business side of music?

Yeah it’s very hard actually, you get a lot less sleep than usual and it also cuts in to your creative time, I did it out of necessity to be honest, Low Life had up and left us all with out any accounts owed and I just felt it was time to grab the bull by the horns myself and try it out, started a label called Don’t Bizznizz and being that Beer + Rap didn’t put the EP out properly I sorted out a digital distributor and sold the ‘F.D.T. EP’ myself.

I’ve still got a lot to learn but all I really want to do is make music so I’m hoping I can find a decent business partner so I can just focus on the main thing that creates business.

I read that you’re half-Australian and have been out there a few times to do shows. What was that like compared to the British / European scene? What are some of your favourite Australian expressions, any funny ones you’ve picked while out there?

Actually I’m not half Australian, that was something some ‘know not’ decided to put on Wikipedia for some unknown reason.

I started going out there in 04 and just built a little following enough to keep going back there and New Zealand every year, sometimes twice a year, to the point that people thought I lived there (or was half Australian come to think of it). When I first went out there it felt like it was just about to reach that tipping point where the homegrown was getting more popular than the imported US/UK material, similar to how it was here from say 99-03 sort of times.

Now the Aussie scene has made a name for itself and seems to be pretty strong bar the obvious struggles with file sharing etc. There are too many phrases to choose from but I particularly like when you ask someone a question and the answer with “Yeah, nah, yeah…” , cracks me up.

errr…What do you find inspiring?

I’m easily inspired so there’s a lot out there for me. Honestly I keep no boundaries, I’d make a song about damn near anything.

This question is a bit introspective: You’ve said you try and do something new every year. How have you changed as an artists / person since the days of ‘Kiss that Ass good night’ or ‘Tellin You’. What aspects of Mystro have we seen so far, what’s still to come?

Obviously I’m a bit older, I’ve learned that no matter how successful, older someone is they can still make mistakes so never be fooled by words. I’ve learned that the music business is exactly that, a business so it’s very important to learn the business if you want to maintain. Also no matter how good or talented you are, it’s your work ethic that gets you places in this day and age. My attitude hasn’t changed in terms of the music I make but you’ve definitely seen a progression if you’ve followed my work since my first release as you mentioned.

So barring the singles+features I’ve done over the years, ‘Music Mystro’ was the punchline / fun stuff, ‘F.D.T.’ Was the angry / hardcore stuff and now I give you ‘Digmund Freud’ which is more dealing with social issues and self help type material similar to ‘Aquarius’. I think these are the 3 sides of me you’ll come to know, after this EP it’s all about albums, I’ve never dropped a proper album yet so I class it as my debut entitled ‘Mystrogen’ .

Any last words or shouts?

Yeah thanks to yourself for reaching out to a spitta! shouts to my brother Jargon, my assistant manager Jesse Peters, also Black Einstein producer from another planet. All the twitter heads can follow me here or contact Digmund Freud on facebook. And of course all the REAL heads out there who still have a passion for their craft no matter what it is. Hip Hop LIVES.

‘Digmund Freud EP’ drops on September 13th 2010 (Don’t Bizznizz/Self Destruct Music
 Sent Using Universal Mind Control).


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Obey «cold cases»

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Thaione Davis «got to say so»

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Some ’94 goods / O.C. «o-zone»

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