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Lots of fresh interviews

11739628_10153529328180152_301065995_nTake a peek at some of the people who have been in and out of Beat Bungalow recently:

Fresh Daily, Oddisee, Freestyle / arsonists, Thaione Davis, Ohmega Watts, DTMD, Access Immortal, Jon Phonics, Suff Daddy, Paul White, tight_face, Cloudy October, Mystro, Tranqill, Krispy, The Herbaliser ..  and many more. enjoy peeps..

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Trip to Coney Island: Access Immortal talks Brooklyn

Hailing from Brooklyn, Access Immortal gew up with a steady diet of New York hip hop. His own sound stays true to his city and is refreshingly honest – his group is Project Gotham, together with DJ Ruckspin.

Here’s a flash report from Gotham City…

1. You’ve worked with a lot of producers – what do you look for in a beat?

I like beats that speak to me and make me feel like I’m makign a song that can stand on it’s on, even outside of an album. I don’t want to make a song someone is going to forget about in a week or something generic that sounds like a throw away track the moment you start writing it.

2. The video for ‘Everything I Know’ was shot at Coney Island – why did you choose the location? Have you got a special connection to the place?

I just wanted to do the video in a place that made people think Brooklyn, and New York in general – Coney Island has that history that goes back like 100 years. I used to go there as a kid a lot of times and things have changed but people still like to hang out there, at least on the boardwalk in the summer so it still reminds people of old New York
3. What music did you grow up listening to? any artists / albums that come to mind?

I grew up listening to artists like Big Daddy Kane and Krs One as far as hip hop when I first took an interest in Hip Hop and Michael Jackson was big in music in general, and I rocked with just about whatever sounded hot back then. I used to dig reggae music too, people like Shabba Ranks who was that dude back then. When the 90s came around I got into West Coast artist like Dre, Snoop, Mc Eiht and East Coast people like Boot Camp, Nas & Wu-Tang

4. What about your releases so far: what can you tell us about ‘Birth of a Dream’, ‘Shades of Reality’ and ‘Last Summer in Brooklyn’?

My first album Shades of Reality had a real dark, underground feel to it and it was very personal and dealt with a lot of stuff from my past as far as topics. Last Summer In Brooklyn was like a follow up to New York Yankee with that street feel to it and collab-heavy cause I didn’t want people to feel like they were getting a solo Access album. Birth of a Dream is the start of me and DJ Ruckspin as Project Gotham and a whole new sound for me and hip hop in general that doesn’t fall in the usual area that hip hop gets thrown into.

I wanted to make a group producer/MC album like what I grew up on with Gang Starr and show that dynamic and chemistry you can have by making a whole album with a sound that’s consistent through the whole project.

5. Tell us something about yourself that a lot of people might not know…

I prob don’t even like the type of music people think I do lol. I might be one type of artist but I don’t listen to the things a lot of fans probably do and I like what I like, regardless of who it is or what category it falls into. I don’t judge anyone based on what they did in the past, anyone can make one good song at least, no one is 100% bad all the time.

6. Any last words of wisdom / shouts?

Like what you like and don’t be afraid to express your opinion even if it doesn’t fall in line with what everyone else is saying.

Too many people only like something or hate something or someone because everybody else does and that’s lame. Most people live their life following the leader and would be a completely different person if they actually stayed true to what they like and not what’s popular.

Shout out to Ducky Dizzle and The Strange Birds Crew. Check out her podcast she does every week, hot music you should be listening to and be a fan of cause it’s dope. Peace to Karniege, Verse Essential, Emaze, Fess, Medinah Starr, Poison Pen, Introspect and all the fans out there that have been supporting since day one and pick up the new album Birth of a Dream.


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