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More quality from Chi-town

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Morning ladies…Chalie 2NA / Fishmarket Part 2

Teaser to Charlie 2NA’s new mixtape: download “Wheels on the World”

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time keeps tickin…

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Herma Puma «space to breathe»

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More fire: Thaione Davis on «quality control»

I’m still not tired of listening to ‘Emanuelle’s Theme Music‘, special favourites are ‘Estrella’, ‘Invasion’ and ‘Inactive Dreamer’: soon come  more good stuff from our man in Chicago. Expect more original goodness on Thaione’s “Quality Control” EP, out on June 1.

Listen out for the Roots Manuva scratch in there...

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ill, iller, Illinoise: Dave Coresh movin’ up

If you you do a search online and wrongly spell his surname with a ‘K’, you’ll find lots of links to Christian fanatic and Texan killer David Koresh. No doubt, this man is definitely killing it on the mic, but a Christian fanatic he ain’t. He’s originally from D.C., then lived in Chicago’s Hyde Park and is now a student at the University of Illinois. His mixtape ‘Formal Introduction’ is available here.


Can you please introduce yourself and tell us what you’ve been up to recently music-wise?

My name is Dave Coresh and Formal Introduction is my latest project. I just dropped a video for my song called “Keep It Movin” and I’m working on a video for “Breathe” which are both on Formal Introduction.

What’s it like for you as an up-and-coming artist in this business, are you getting positive feedback?

I am. I say to people all the time, “I love the Love.” – it’s a great motivator.

They call you the boy wonder – when did you start rapping? Are you still at high school?

I started rapping in the 8th grade. I’m originally from D.C., I had been in Chicago for about a year and a half. I’m not in high school anymore, but actually go to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

‘hip hop is gettin’ worse and I thought it wouldn’t, all I hear is retards on the radio…’ / ‘ the only way I’m gonna listen to these rappers is if they rap about shit that actually happened’ is part of the lyrics on your track ‘Never Say Never’ – what annoys you about the current state of hip hop?

The lack of passion. It seems like everyone is in it for the material gain. In the line you quoted I was referring to those who build their image on a false foundation in order to “get on”.

Who do you work with in terms of producers?

Rob Bates, Chaise Marcel, Nova, Maja7th, Ill-Brown, Tapez, Nascent and Slot-A to mention a few. But I’m willing to work with anybody with heat.

Which Chicago hip hop cats do you like, who are you listening to?

Chuck L.I. IS A BEAST!!! Vic Mensa, Add-2 and Love Jones aka Mike Schpitz

What’s your view on Chicago’s most famous producer / MC Kanye West and his music. Did any of his album strike a chord with you?

College Dropout made me want to make music. Not just Rap. Kanye West has influenced me more then any other artist.

What’s the best thing about being from Illinois, what’s good about Chicago?

I wasn’t born in Chicago or Illinois for that matter. I’m from Washington D.C. But the best part of living in Chicago is the City. It’s something about the buildings, the lake, the politics, and of course the Hate.

Any last words or shouts?

I want to shout out all the sponsors on the mixtape DJ Tay James and Grade A Mixtapes,, Fakeshore Drive, Ruby Hornet, Illroots, Jugrnaut,, DTLR, Q&Q Entertainment, and Classick Studios.

Welcome to New Go!


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DJ Pratt «in my honest opinion» banging mix

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