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More news from Planet Clutchy «sighting No. 22»

Read the Beat Bungalow post about the man of mystery here, plus “Verbal Headlock” video from Clutchy.

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Clutchy Hopkins, a musical mystery.

A lot’s been written about this phantom of a musician from California: there have been speculations that he’s an AKA for DJ Shadow, Danger Mouse, Cut Chemist or  even MF Doom…the real Clutchy Hopkins has never been found, but his music is a fusion of multi-instrumental madness. He’s been associated with an illusive band called “Misled Children” and online, you can find photos of an ageing hippie with a massive beard, wearing a flannel shirt. Supposedly it’s the real Clutchy Hopkins.

A mini documentary in 2007 triggered a quest to find out more about the man and his music. It reached new heights when Ubiquity Records staff set off on a crate-digging mission, and came back with some unreleased material…

We first became interested in releasing new tunes by Hopkins when Ubiquity crew set off on a search for the best records we could find. On one of our travels we stopped in the Mojave desert at the local swap meet in the town of Victorville, CA. Instantly luck led us to a few record crates jam-packed with classic soul, funk and jazz gems. But this happened to be the least of our discoveries. Next to the crates was a box of reel to reel tapes. Blindly buying the tapes out of curiousty, we brought them back to office only identifying the sounds from the tapes with the name that was etched on the casing: C. Hopkins.

What an anecdote, or just a clever PR stunt? Either way, we need more of those.

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