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Look behind bars / Chi Ali of Native Tongues

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All samples cleared? Copyright Criminals documentary

This looks like a promising documentary, not just because of the people that feature in it: Copyright Criminals takes a fresh look at performers and producers who have sampled other people’s music in their own original pieces. It also deals with the creative and legal ramifications you have to deal with as a musician, writer etc.

The film was done by Benjamin Franzen who interviewed many of hip hop’s originators, including De La Soul, Chuck D and Digital Underground, as well as newer artists from record labels such as Def Jux and Ninja Tune. It’ll also give you more background on musicians who have been sampled, such as ‘Dr Funkenstein’ George Clinton and  James Brown’s drummer Clyde Stubblefield, the world’s most sampled performer.

Things have changed drastically in the past two decades, especially what publishing of music, pictures and words  is concerned. The underlying question of the film is:  how did a musical style get turned into a billion-dollar industry? Expect plenty of insight from industry figures, musicians/DJs who explain why every recording artist has to stay up on the dos and dont’s of copyright infringement.

From the official page: “Copyright Criminals examines the creative and commercial value of musical sampling, including the related debates over artistic expression, copyright law, and (of course) money.”

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Still got Soul? Vienna film on Northern Soul

beg wigan dancer

Bust a move: dancers at Wigan Casino in the 70s; photo courtesy of  Wigan Observer

It was the movement that started club culture: Northern Soul was born in sweaty clubs in the north of  England and it’s still alive and kicking. That’s why a team of Vienna film-makers is taking a fresh look at this influential movement in music. The whole thing  sounds very promising and you’ll probably read a few more posts about it on Beat Bungalow.

45 Revolutions per Minute‘  is a 12-month project: the film crew will be following DJs, dancers and record shop owners in the Austrian capital to get down with a new generation still keeping the faith.

No doubt, the scene has changed a lot since the days when people first packed into clubs like Wigan Casino, Blackpool’s Mecca and the  Twisted Wheel Club in Manchester for stomping Allnighters. But there’s still a thriving scene across Europe and this film will tell you more about how Austria got hooked on this subculture.

The film crew say it’s ‘a documentary about life, passion, dreams and old vinyl’. In other words: lots of rare 45s, lots of  floor shakers – watch this space!

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Sonic excursion…Dub Echoes/Adrian Sherwood

I watched the amazing ‘Dub Echoes‘ documentary last night.  Features interviews with U-Roy, Bunny Lee, Don Letts, Matumbi’s Dennis Bovell and many more. The film traces the origins of dub and its influence on music worldwide. Also included are bits on dubstep, drum ‘n bass and the Brazilian take on Jamaican music.

Trust me, it was that good I was still feeling the dubs in my belly this morning…thanks also to Mr Sherwood who made my cereal move  for breakfast. enjoy.

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