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No faking Jacks: Shawn Jackson interview

What can I say, this man seems to have a plan. Cali resident, part-time chef & a well-kept secret for several years…don’t shhhh about Shawn Jack’s music any longer though: tell your friends & check the mixtape which just dropped – it’s a teaser for the new album “Brand New Old Me” (tres records).


Tell us about yourself: where are you based, what are you up to these days?

What up ya’ll…I go by the name of Shawn Jackson a.k.a. Angelo Mariani based out of Lost An Jealous, CA but can easily be found sleeping on a couch someone near you throughout my travels. As far as what I’m up to…well, basically just getting my apparel together to hunt some ducks in the game. I think it’s the season so I’m gearing up to drop some nu nu on ya’ll real soon entitled “Brand New Old Me”.

Do you remember the first record / mixtape you got when you were younger? What are your memories on the time you first heard music?

Man, I grew up on so much soul music as a kid being that it was just me and my moms and that’s mainly what she was into.  But at the same time I grew up with hip hop so I’ve always had that balance and walked with a hip hop soul mentality throughout my journeys.  The first record I remember moms buying me was Tom Tom Club “Genius Of Love”. I used to dance back then..I was pretty good too!  Dancing was mainly what introduced me to hip hop as a child since it was such a NY thing at the time.

What kind of music can you never listen to, under any circumstances? Anything that gets on your nerves?

I really couldn’t pinpoint a particular genre or style of music that I wouldn’t listen to. I used to say country until I got put on to some classic country music that was dope. Those artists are pretty honest..haha. I can’t say all bad music because so many of them become guilty pleasures as well as fit in certain social settings. I guess pointless music of any genre is pretty unbearable to me. There’s way too many people that get the opportunity to get on a microphone but don’t hold themselves responsible enough to express artistry.

You’ve moved from different places (Inglewoood, Rhode Island, L.A.) – are you a travelling kind of dude?

Yeah man…I’ve definitely trotted the globe throughout my life. It definitely provided me with a balance. I grew up in the inner city within a large metropolis, small towns with only one market and 2 gas stations to offer, and lived off of chicks in the burbs throughout my life…so needless to say, my unbalanced lifestyle has become my balance. It’s cool because so many places have so many traits and I’m familiar with a lot of them in regional terms. I no longer live off of girls by the way.

What’s the furthest you’ve been away from home? What were your impressions?

The furthest I’ve been from home was Ireland…they were so chill and just genuinely nice people. It didn’t seem real. I can normally find at least one asshole in a crowd of people but I had no such luck there.

What do you like best about living in Cali and why?

I love the options in Cali. You can make everyday an adventure there. You can get on your plastic shit or you can even risk your life and stumble in the wrong hood if you’re ballsy to test out your new sneakers. Either way there’s always a story to tell. I wanted to say the weed but I figured every MC from Cali you ask will have that on their list. The greenery is amazing though.

What can you say about your new record? Quite a few producers got involved, new directions for Shawn Jackson?

The new album is definitely a new direction for me. It’s dope though because I actually had the gonads to just go for it. I have a lot of new producers on the album with new sounds mixed with a few producers from the first album so there are still certain elements that create a bridge from “First Of All…” to “Brand New Old Me”. No matter how new the sound is though you still get that same Shawn Jack…just a little more perfected.

Tell us something people might not know about you…

Something people may not know about me…hmmmm…..well, I can cook pretty good and I love doing it. I like cheffin up something new because it’s still creations that people can sit with and enjoy. Only difference is I’m not hoarse afterwards.

Anything else you want to get out there?

Your boy is back…get ready for some treats. “Brand New Old Me” dropping in a hot minute.


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Cralias «beats your wife»

You know the spiel: click the pic for the Cralias beat tape.

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Jericho Lounge: Emanuelle’s Theme Music

Click the picture to download the full instrumental from Chi-town’s unsigned hype Thaione Davis / Jericho Lounge Music. big!

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Suff Daddy has topped up his stuff: Refills download

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