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Lots of fresh interviews

11739628_10153529328180152_301065995_nTake a peek at some of the people who have been in and out of Beat Bungalow recently:

Fresh Daily, Oddisee, Freestyle / arsonists, Thaione Davis, Ohmega Watts, DTMD, Access Immortal, Jon Phonics, Suff Daddy, Paul White, tight_face, Cloudy October, Mystro, Tranqill, Krispy, The Herbaliser ..  and many more. enjoy peeps..

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«do what you do…»

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Going all-city, from all angles: DTMD interview part 2 (Toine)

We’ve already heard Dunc’s view on this, but from your perspective: what’s your mission?

I would say our mission as artists would be to bring a little something different to the hip-hop scene. I feel like a lot of the music out there is style without substance or all substance with very little style. I’m trying to find a healthy medium that would make people believe there are still much more new things you can do with hip-hop.

How did you and Dunc meet and start making music together?

Me & Dunc met in middle school and started rapping just to do whatever we could to not pay attention in class. We kept it up through high school and eventually started wanting to record our stuff. Then we realized we wanted original beats to rap on, so me & Dunc started making beats on Fruity Loops and from then we started taking music a bit seriously.

Your track “What that mean” is about people doing their own thing, musically and otherwise. What made you write the lyrics?

I’ll say the motif of every song on the EP is to be yourself to the fullest.

What’s the last vinyl you bought?

I can’t say I’ve bought a vinyl. I’m eying some turntables so I can start flirting with the beat making side of things, so maybe in a few months I’ll come back to you with my first vinyl purchase.

Who are some of your favourite MCs & musicians?

I’m a huge Phonte fan, Andre 3000 is probably the best lyricist to ever walk the planet and I’m just coming around to seriously enjoy DOOM on the mic (and beats). Producers? Huge Madlib fan, I look out for everything Black Milk drops, Karriem Riggins is popping out more on my radar, and Sa-Ra’s last album was incredible. Damu, Kev Brown & Oddisee have been instrumental in showing us that you can be from the DMV and still do your own thing. Other than that, I wish Bilal dropped an album every 2 years.

Tell us some more about DC and the hip hop scene there…

DC Hip-Hop is a place without identity. That’s not a problem. The problem is feeling that we need to have a definite identity. DTMD is making different music than The Circle Boys made, we’re not making go-go fused hip-hop, we may not even make the same thing Damu makes. The difference is we try to respect all angles for just giving different perspectives to music. The city is too diverse to be held to one sound so we gotta highlight everything…as long as its dope. We’re slowly becoming a scene to keep an eye on though.

Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

I’m all about DTMD right now, but I think Blu is dope.

Any last words of wisdom or shouts?

Give back to the earth and everything will be okay.
Peace to Low Budget, Slimkat78 & yU, XO, Damu & DJ Undadog, and anybody & everybody else who’s given DTMD a chance.


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Strictly business 2010…DTMD interview part 1 (Dunc)

Hailing from Washington DC, these two friends have been very productive while hanging out. I heard the Basics EP recently and was blown away: really tight production and versatile rhyming. Dunc & Toine are both aged 19 and seem to have a very healthy amount of boom bap flowing through their veins. They are a force to be reckoned with, not just in the US. Some great talent and that’s why Beat Bungalow is bringing you seperate interview with each of them…


Can you please introduce yourselves: who’s behind DTMD and what’s your mission?

DTMD Stands for “Dunc n Toine makin Dollas”, we are paying hommage to the legendary group “EPMD” in naming ourselves that. Toine does all the rhyming and I handle all of the production for the group. Me and Toine have been making music together since we were 12. Toine and I wrote rhymes back in the day when we realized we needed original beats to rhyme over, it turned out I began to make beats and stopped rhyming while Toine carried the Emcee torch for our group. It wasn’t until about 2008 that we decided to officially become “DTMD”. The formula seemed right and we just began making songs from there.

Our mission in doing music is to do it right. We try not to complain too much on the state of the industry, we just do what we do.

What’s the last vinyl you bought and where?

The last vinyl I bought was Leroy Hudson’s “Love Oh Love” 12″. Its one of my favourite albums of all time and I finally got my hands on a reissue off ebay for 6$. Kragenoff!!

Who are some of your favourite beat makers and MCs, in fact, musicians in general?

My favorite producers active right NOW are Oddisee, Black Milk, Kev Brown, Hudson Mohawke, Mike Slott, Damu the Fudgemunk. I can go on and on about producers (the greats go without saying). Favourite Emcee right now is Blu without a doubt. Favourite overall group would probably have to be Little Dragon, they absolutely shape and change my musical horizons on the regular.

Tell us about DC and the hip hop scene there, what’s happening?

The DC Hip-hop scene is VERY divided. Everyone seems to have a clique and whoever isn’t part of your circle gets no love. But things are definitely getting better. People are really starting to come together, whether you are mainstream or underground. I think that’s what needs to happen for DC to become a Hip-Hop super power one day like Detroit / LA / NYC. There’s too much hate in the city. If everyone supported everyone we’d definitely be a force to be reckoned with. That’s yet to be seen so far.

Any last words of wisdom or shouts?

Shout outs to the extended Fam Low Budget, Oddisee, Damu, Diamond District, Slimkat78. All of the DMV. and shout outs to Germany!! One day we’ll have a show there hopefully!! Peace

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