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Morning ladies…Chalie 2NA / Fishmarket Part 2

Teaser to Charlie 2NA’s new mixtape: download “Wheels on the World”

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«shake your leg» mixtape / Paul White

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Ranking for Prime Minister!

01 Dub college volume 1: Ricky Ranking Mix Tape by Banana Klan

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Wake up and smell the Coffey «premium blend» Vol.2

What a name, what a guitarist & what a set of sideburns! Dennis Coffey started getting his groove on in the 1960s and was one of the first to introduce the wah-wah sound to Motown. Before working as a studio musician, he had another dream job offer:  he was asked to go on tour with jazz organist Groove Holmes. Tough choice, but Dennis had a family to support, needed stady dough and decided to work at Motown.

Sure I know – there’s no need to fill you in cause you already knew, right?

Mr. Coffey not only worked with all the great moaners and groaners of funk & soul music – Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, George Clinton & Wilson Picket, to name a few – but  also worked on a few soundtracks, including ‘Blackbelt Jones’ which I bought on VHS from a charity shop ages ago. Not the greatest film, but the music is…something else.

Here’s what our friends over at Dusty Groove had to say about the score to that drop-kick Blaxploitation flick:

“Black Belt Jones has always been the stuff of legend — mostly only issued as a promo single back in the 70s, but funky enough that it’s ranked among the best soundtracks of the decade! The score was composed and performed by Dennis Coffey and Luchi De Jesus — the former a funk star in his own right, the latter the composer of the ultra-hip Friday Foster soundtrack — and together, the pair have crafted some killer grooves that mix guitars, congas, and blasting orchestrations that could plow Enter The Dragon into the dust!”

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DJ Pratt «in my honest opinion» banging mix

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It’s cold out there…Winter mixtape by Oddisee

January 26, 2010 at 11:23 1 comment

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