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Woody Madera explains…the joy of decks

This time around it’s a pre-Christmas cracker: UK DJ Woody Madera is in the bungalow and explains how he got hooked on turntables. The man was a founding member of the Table Gimps crew and has been rocking shows across the globe for a while. He’s also recorded as part of One Self with DJ Vadim. He’s a wiz in the world of turntablism and his sets and routines are always experimental. to say the least.

This interview was done in Woody’s home town at Burnley Mechanics, two years after he won the UK ITF title. The occasion? A ‘Love Music, Hate Racism’ event he was playing at in support of cultural & musical diversity.

Listen to the best bits here.

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Walkin’ & talkin’ with J-Live MC

This is an interview I did in 2003 when J-Live came to England as part of the ‘True School Academics’ tour with 7L and Esoteric. I know it’s a while ago, but it was part of a university radio show I was doing at the time and I’ve not shared it since. We did the interview just before the gig, as a walk ‘n talk on the way to the centre of Manchester. It’s about J-Live getting more exposure after the bootleg version of ‘The Best Part’ came out, about jazz and about the album ‘All of the Above’, which dropped at the time.

You can hear the full interview on mixcloud.

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