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Sonic organic: tight_face serves up «root veg»

I recently got word about this production from Mr T in London: tight_face put together this well-seasoned burner & yes, “root veg” is a collection of organic sounds that makes you feel all good inside. no slick packaging, just the raw stuff. You can download the 29-track album by clicking on the turnip pic above, or here.

actually, let’s exploit a few silly cooking references. here’s how you could describe this…it sizzles at the beginning and the heat is turned up as you go along. For me, one of the best tracks (‘toy crush’) comes at the end, but there’s plenty of good bits in between. From the back-to-basics ‘my way’, to the synth sounds of ‘feel this’ and the upbeat ‘dodatdat’, it definitely has lots of flavour.

It’s not just remixes of Kweli, Nas, Jay-Z and Ghostface tracks that you’re getting, there’s a fair amount of fresh and original savoir faire on the menu.

damn it, all you TV chefs take note: use this as background music in your shows and it would improve things a zillion. here’s what I prepared earlier…the ‘being ill’ interview.

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DJ Pratt «in my honest opinion» banging mix

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Banana Klan man: Ricky Ranking «ceasefire»

More supreme rebel music from Roots Manuva & fam here

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