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“I’ve got a bug called loopitus.” – tight_face on being ill

This man is not just sick, ill or whatever you want to call it: tight_face lives in South London and has been making beats for quite a while. He’s very creative and he’s been infected with a bug called loopitus. All will be revealed…


What’s the meaning behind the name Tightface, can you introduce yourself and Creole+? How long have you been doing this?

Tightface is a nickname my people called me, after I had a bug out episode dehydrating my salival ducts..from getting a bit wild as a youngen…Creole+ is a buddy of mine who plays percussion and collects pickles. Been loving music forever.

How do you make your beats, what equipment do you use?

With love, hardware, records, Live percussion and upbringing.

About your record collection: what’s on permanent rotation, can you name a few records that are some of your all-time favourites?

It changes so rapidly, all sorts..I’ve recently been listening to music of indigenous tribes people, from all over the globe. People who are a little more connected to the earth. I picked up a crazy LP called PAKATAK recently.. Zouk beats of Martinique in the 70s..

Too many all-time favourites to name.

What’s your approach to sampling?

Got a bug called loopitus.Its a chronic illness…it’s hereditary?! my brothers suffer from the disorder.

Paul White and Bullion are your label mates, are you three planning on doing any musical projects together. Got something in the pipeline?

Those guys are Dope!!! In cahoots. Bit secret at the mo tho.

What makes you tick: music is probably one answer, but are there any hobbies or other things that inspire you?

Food, eating it, all creative disciplines. Learning about other cultures and their history. I need to do a bit more travelling to be honest.

What are you doing weekends, any good nights that you can recommend or have been to?

Been a bit hobbit of late.Theres a local jazz club called The Crypt I go to. Got some great musicians down there..Going to see Tangerine Dream soon. Any place I can listen to the late Yancey loud.

Where can people see you play in London? What else are you planning to release music-wise this year, any other projects you’re working on?

Been lucky enough to have Bullion invite me down to his night @the social. I‘ll hopefully be there again in the future..Doing music all the time any spare oportunities. Been working on some beats for release..Doing a live thing with my brothers Mo and J..working with my buddy Matlok amazing beat maker.Keep your ears open. It’s all about enjoying the process.

Any last words or shouts?

Shout to my people.. Mo kolours, Legbah, Jeenwilder, Paul White, Matlok, Ugo, Professor Monster, Asian Hawk, Bullion, King English, Creole+, Beatnick and CharlesII.


February 1, 2010 at 12:09 2 comments

Another busy year: Paul White interview/ Sounds from the Skylight

Here’s one London musician who’s had a very productive year, and hopefully things will stay that way in 2010:  this year, Paul White has released two EPs and three long players on One-Handed Music and he’s got plenty of other projects in the pipeline, including working with Tranqill and producer Tightface. Paul’s tunes are sometimes dreamy, sometimes sober, other times banging down your door as on ‘Ultra Violet’ or ‘Wait For Me’. This man is definitely out to give you something with a slightly different twist. He’s also done a mixtape that’s still available on groovement.

But enough of the palaver: you can download his latest album here or play this while you read the interview…


Q: What’s up Paul, where are you from? How did you get into making music?

A: I’m from south east London, a place called Lewisham. My dad used to play a lot of music in the house, and my parents got me piano lessons when I was a kid, then I played guitar and sang. I just always loved music, the energy and emotion of it!

Q: You worked as a library producer for the BBC and Channel4, how has that shaped your sound? What kind of projects were you working on during that time?

A: I used to write ambient music anyway and loved creating atmospheres so getting to do that for picture was a great experience! I was doing music for an interactive educational drama series, a long time ago now. I still do little bits for it now and again though, that was really good to try other things musically. I also did some music and sound design for some crazy animations and short films, mainly on mental health. Lots of fun, pretty heavy stuff though.

Q: What types of music do you like? Are you a vinyl head?

A: I like everything pretty much, reggae dub soul funk prog rock psych jazz electro new wave avant garde, everything really. I love discovering new music, and yeah I’m a vinyl head!

Q: What elements do you think are important to a good tune?

A: Feeling, put your personality and heart and imagination in there!

Q: Tell us more about your record label, One-Handed Music: who’s involved in that?

A: A guy called Alex Chase runs it, he’s a really opened minded guy with great ideas, he’s been amazingly supportive! I met Bullion through him and the label, Tranqill’s got an EP coming out soon, hopefully a guy called Tightface will have something out soon too, ever expanding!

Q: What do you do outside from making beats to chill out?

A: Listen to music, jump on a recently borrowed drum kit, read a wax poetics. If I could I’d love to surf more, I love it!

Q: Are there any good club nights or music events going on in London that you can recommend?

A: To be honest I’m a studio man, but there’s stuff going on, the Jazz Cafe always has so many amazing nights I always miss!

Q: Any fresh music that you’re listening to right now?

A: Tightface, loving Karriem Riggins stuff! I mainly listen to old records now to be honest!

Q: Have you got any plans to release a new record in the next year?

A: Got an album coming out on joint One Handed Music and Now Again in the spring, a remix for Tranqill, a remix for Mux Mool, another couple singles are nearly done too, plans to work with some MCs, and hopefully loads of other stuff too!


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